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A TREE! FOR ME! by Frankie Maynard, as Told By Jim is Volume One in the JIMMY BOOK SERIES. A true story of gifts and giving told by Jim to Frankie Maynard, illustrated by Marguerite Knudsen. This is the story of how one family harnessed the negative energy of a great tragedy and channeled that tremendous force into positive ways. A gentle, sensitive book that will be of help to anyone who has experienced this great despair. It makes a wonderful gift to someone you know who is hurting. 8×10, with illustrated dj in color, with 18 watercolor paintings, 72 pages. All proceeds to the James Upton Scholarship at El Segundo High School, El Segundo, California. A real up-beat book that meets a need. Featured nation-wide on KABC Los Angeles radio where Dr. Sonia Friedman devoted an hour of her program to this book and the subject therein. We recommend this book at our cost and recommend it highly. El Segundo. $15.00

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