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BRAND NEW PRINTING OF THE CUSTER TRAGEDY by Fred Dustin, with illustrated dust jacket (artist Hank Maynard).  Volume Two in ECHOES OF THE LITTLE BIG HORN SERIES. New edition now available. 306 pages, endpaper maps, photos. 2011, El Segundo. Events Leading Up To and Following the Little Big Horn Campaign of 1876. ALSO INCLUDES REPRINT OF RARE PAMPHLET: ECHOES FROM THE LITTLE BIG HORN FIGHT, which was written after Dustin had access to the Reno Court of Inquiry transcript, also includes CORRECTIONS THAT DUSTIN WOULD HAVE MADE HAD HE PUBLISHED A SECOND PRINTING. Finally available in an affordable edition, the Custer book that everyone has heard about, but hardly anyone has read. Originally published in 1939 in a very small print run totaling 216 copies of which 16 were bound in leather. Introduction by Frank Mercatante. Extremely well researched, The Custer Tragedy has become a classic work on the subject. In 1953, after Col. Wm. Graham, provided Dustin with a copy of the then classified and unpublished Reno Court of Inquiry transcript, Dustin then revised his chapter on Reno's Fight in the Valley and published Echoes From the Little Big Horn Fight: Reno's Positions in the Valley in a limited edition of only 200 copies, now long-out-of-print, BUT, included in this brand new printing of THE CUSTER TRAGEDY. Also included are the corrections that Dustin would have included had he published another printing.

Here's what they say about THE CUSTER TRAGEDY!!!  "Fred Dustin dug deeply and broadly into research materials and produced  a personal view of Custer and the Little Big Horn that is essential to any study of the subject. This Upton reprint places this rare collector's  item within the reach of a wider audience."   Robert M. Utley, retired Chief Historian, National Park Service.

"This handsome new edition of Dustin's long time classic of Little Big Horn historiography includes the author's own corrections to the 1939 printing as well as his revised interpretation of Reno's fight in the valley. Introduced by the Dean of Custeriana, Frank Mercatante, The Custer Tragedy will constitute a vital component of any Little Big Horn library. It's a beautiful reprint, and Dustin would be proud." Jerome Greene, Retired Research Historian, National Park Service, and author of many books on the American West, the latest being Beyond Bear's Paw: The Nez Perce Indians in Canada.

BRAND NEW 2011 PRINTING OF THE CUSTER TRAGEDY, illustrated dust jacket, 306 pages, endpaper maps, photos. Volume Two Echoes of the Little Big Horn Series. 2011, El Segundo. ISBN# 978-0-912783-10-9,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,$45.00



New printing of 1939 edition with additional corrections. Available now. TRADE EDITION $45.00

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