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THE CUSTER ADVENTURE by Richard Upton is Volume Four ECHOES OF THE LITTLE BIG HORN SERIES. Since its publication in 1975, The CUSTER ADVENTURE has been acclaimed as one of the finest, if not the finest concise overview of the historic battle. Written especially for the Custer Battle Centennial in 1976, the author presents an account of this amazing event that recaptures those exciting days of Custer’s Cavalry. This is an exciting, accurate and responsible account of the Custer Fight, including events leading up to and following the battle. Written for the person who has time to read only one Custer book and wants to know what happened at the Little Big Horn in 1876. Synthesizing the writings and accounts of soldiers and Indians the Billings Gazette reports, ”...Upton judiciously selects from journals and diaries to allow for colorful reconstruction without exploiting the men and their ideals. The book emerges as a new and exciting piece of writing which should aid both Custer scholars and those who like an adventure tale. And there is a careful respect for the two cultures, Anglo and Indian, as their separate perspectives interpret the battle. “Profusely illustrated by Montana’s late great artist, J. K. Ralson, which includes a color reproduction of his “AFTER THE BATTLE” along with 20 pen and ink sketches. New with illust dj (“CALL OF THE BUGLE”), 119 pages, 3 maps, biblio, footnotes.
El Segundo 1990. ISBN#0-912783-20-6. LC#90-70274. SOFTCOVER. $13.00

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