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CUSTER’S SEVENTH CAVALRY COMES TO DAKOTA by Roger Darling. New discoveries reveal Custer’s tribulations enroute to the Yellowstone Expedition. Mint in 8.5×11 with attractive gold-stamped cover. Volume Two, CUSTER TRAILS SERIES, 230 pages, plus numerous photos and maps, frontis of Custer, app’s,biblo,index, El Segundo 1989, endpaper maps. Using totally new primary source materials, the author has reconstructed the complete record of the formation of the 7th Cavalry in Dakota after it had been stationed in various posts throughout the South. Mrs. Custer’s description of this event in her writings is thoroughly critiqued and revised as new information was revealed. The intrigues and infighting in the 7th Cav between Gen Terry, Col Sturgis, Capt Benteen and Gen Custer are thoroughly documented. The terrain is depicted by large aerial photos accompanied by photo-outline diagrams used to pinpoint important sites during the transfer. An important book in an important series. Robert M. Utley says, “Darling has dug important new material and marshalled it to shed new light on the personalities of the Seventh Cavalry and their relationships with one another. Such insights are not only inherently interesting but aid in understanding what happened on the Little Big Horn. In his book on Benteen’s scout, Darling demonstrated a mastery of ‘outdoor research.’ In “Custer’s Seventh Cavalry Comes to Dakota” he demonstrated a mastery of ‘indoor research’ – mining new material but, more importantly, understanding what it tells. ISBN#0912783168. LC#8851J070. Sold out. New printing scheduled for 2009. $45.00

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