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LITTLE BIG HORN DIARY by James Willert. New updated edition of the most detailed and comprehensive work ever done on the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Covers the campaign of the summer of 1876 from May 17, 1876 to the rescue of Reno’s men following the battle. The daily movements of all the units in the fields are followed until the climax at LBH. 480 pages, drawings, photos, biblio, index. Willert has added a supplement in addition to a 3000 word essay that does not appear in the first printing of 20 years ago, making this a “must have” book for even owners of the rare original edition. CUSTER TRAILS SERIES VOLUME SIX. Here’s what they say: Robert Utley – “…the most comprehensive factual assemblage of the LBH data ever produced…,” Michael Koury – “…the finest work on Custer I have read.” Hugh Shick – “There has never been a book on the Custer campaign to equal this one.” The verdict is in: LITTLE BIG HORN DIARY IS A HIT!! El Segundo 1997.
ISBN#0912783273. LC#7781807. out-of-stock, new printing 2010 – 2011.

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